Field Trip Resources

Reminders for Field Trips

Before the Trip:
1. Please remember to use the packet in the Welcome Center, because it has a checklist of everything you need to do. There is also a fillable form at the following link, but don't forge the other important forms such as bus request and lunch request. 
2. Remember that our Cafeteria needs roster of students 3 weeks in advance if you are going to request lunches.
3. Please get the field trip approved by your principal first, then turn it in to me so I can add it to the calendar and provide the funding information. I will then give it to Gloria to arrange the bus and any payment necessary.

Day Of:
4. Before leaving campus- it is essential you turn your rosters in to Ms. Silva so we know who is on the trip and can clear attendance. Bring the top half of your permission slips with you so you have contact information. Leave the bottom half with Ms. Silva in the Welcome Center. If it's easier, you can make a photo copy of the whole thing.
After the Trip
5. You must turn in your permission slips so we can maintain records of obtaining the proper approvals.

Google Drive - Sample Forms for Requests

Teachers, for examples of completed Request Forms you can access them from Google Drive here: