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Fundraiser Request



  1. All chartered clubs, organizations, and athletic teams must fill out a Fundraiser Request Form in order to have a fundraiser. A Fundraiser Request Form must be turned in to the Activities Director at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the fundraiser start date. All chartered clubs, organizations, and athletic teams must wait for written approval before beginning any fundraiser. Failure to fill out a request form or conducting a fundraiser without written approval will result in a denial of future fundraisers or use of funds.


  1. If a fundraiser is using a space on campus, an Activity Request Form must also be completed and turned in to the Activities Director. 


  1. A detailed list of the items to be sold and the “Revenue Potential” section must be completed in order for a fundraiser to be approved. Estimates are acceptable for approval. Forms submitted without the “Revenue Potential” section properly completed will be returned and approval will not be given.


  1. Fundraising requests will be added to monthly ASB Council meetings and recorded into the minutes. ASB will approve events according to LAUSD Publication No. 465 (approved activities) and SB12 (food sale regulations). If multiple fundraisers are requested for the same time, approval will be granted on submission criteria and the date received.


  1. For on campus fundraisers, advisors should request a cashbox from the student store at least one day in advance. Cashboxes should be picked up from the student store before 4:00pm. When possible, cashboxes must be turned in immediately following a fundraiser. If this is not possible, cashboxes must be turned in the morning of the following business day.


  1. After a fundraiser, advisors will turn in all money and receipts to the financial manager in the student store. If a reimbursement is desired, complete the “Student Body Request for Purchase Order or Check” and turn it in with the money and original receipts to the financial manager. Keep a copy of receipts for the group’s personal record. No advisor should ever reimburse his or her self or others through the money collected before, during, or after a fundraiser. Doing so could cause legal penalties for the advisor and the school. If a reimbursement is not desired, a copy of the receipts is acceptable. Complete the “Fundraiser Recap” and submit a copy to the AP, Financial Manager, and Activities Director.


  1. For all fundraisers held on campus and open to the student body, 50% of a fundraiser’s profit will be deposited into the group’s account and 50% will be given to student body funds, per LAUSD Publication No. 465. Groups will retain 100% of the profit for off-campus fundraisers and those occurring after school hours and fundraisers that are for a specific group only (e.g., shirts for seniors only).



All chartered clubs, organizations, and athletic teams are encouraged to host a concession stand during home sporting events. All participating groups may have a concession on the home side and the visitor’s side.

There are three opportunities to sell per home game – hot food, cold food, and drinks. If no other group signs up for a concession, a group may sell items that fall into another category.

A concession stands is considered a fundraiser and student groups must follow the same protocol for fundraisers. Groups may request to have a concession stand for all home games with one fundraiser request form. If a group is requesting multiple dates on one form, the item(s) to be sold must be the same for all dates. If the item is changed, a new request form must be completed.



All chartered clubs, organizations, and athletic teams are encouraged to participate in food fairs. LAUSD allows schools to host up to four food fairs during school hours per school year. ASB Leadership will facilitate all food fairs and clarify which items cannot be sold, so as not to conflict with the school cafeteria or the student store.

Each group participating in the food fair must complete a fundraiser request form in a timely manner and follow the fundraiser protocol. The requested item to be sold will be honored on a first come, first serve basis.


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